Danny Kavadlo has been practicing strength training and calisthenics for over twenty-five years and is one of the world’s most established and respected personal trainers. He has been featured in the New York Times, Men’s Fitness, and on television’s “20/20.”






Danny has helped clients of all fitness levels and lifestyles, including athletes, models, celebrities, and everyday professionals. He’s seen them meet, exceed, and smash their goals. As a fitness manager, Danny has mentored and developed scores of trainers, directed dozens of corporate seminars, and set sales records which remain unbroken to this day.




But when all is said and done, Danny is best known as a motivator. In addition to becoming a major player in the “Street Workout” phenomenon, he currently leads workshops all over the world for fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike. A true in-person experience, Danny is happy to deliver his message and unique training style to the masses.



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